What is an Adventure Photography session?

Adventure photography sessions are perfect for couples who want to do something a little different and a little out there. Typically, adventure sessions involve exploring the great outdoors and doing activities that you love together

Adventure is a subjective term. One person’s idea of adventure might not appeal to someone else, or worse, could be a total nightmare. For example, if you are afraid of heights you probably wouldn’t want to do the Angel’s landing hike in Zion National Park. Climbing Yosemite’s half dome probably isn’t on your list either.

Adventure photography is usually associated with the great outdoors. For me, this is true. As an adventure-seeking Colorado photographer, I am always down to put in the extra work as I search for the most breathtaking locations. Oftentimes, this involves traveling long distances, a semi-challenging hike and potentially braving the cold, depending on the season.

While I love working with couples who enjoy the same challenges and activities, I realize that everyone’s definition of adventure is different. You might want to spend the day hiking to a rewarding viewpoint, or perhaps you’d rather drive around and explore different locations. The sky is the limit. Your adventure photography session should reflect your own personal sense of adventure and I’ve got ideas for just about every couple!

Why do an adventure photography session?

You get to relax, let loose and do exactly what you both want. My adventure sessions give you the flexibility to plan your day however you envision it. These sessions are a reason for you to take the day off and do something exciting. My goal is for you not think of it a 'photo shoot'. Instead, you get to fully enjoy the day and be yourselves knowing that at the end of it, you’ll have stunning natural portraits in a beautiful environment to hang on your wall that will “WOW” your friends and family.

Spending the day doing something we all love gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and this element of adventure photography definitely show in the pictures.

So, don’t worry about posing and leave your selfie-sticks at home- I’ve got you covered!

Adventure photography session are perfect for the following occasions:

  • Engagement sessions

  • Surprise proposals

  • Anniversary sessions

  • Elopements

  • Celebrating your relationship after your wedding day (i.e., trash the dress)

How long are adventure photography sessions?

Adventure sessions can be a couple of hours lonG, a full day or somewhere in between!

Usually, adventure sessions are 4+ hours of shooting and exploring. The amount of time will depend on the occasion and where you’d like to go!

I can create custom adventure packages based on your ideas and budget! Just fill out my Contact form

My approach to adventure photography sessions:

No good thing is ever rushed. My most admired photos are the ones that required sticking around those few extra minutes waiting for the rain to let up or clouds to pass. We’ll take our time going at a steady pace to really take in the scenery.

My passion is for landscape, adventure and wedding photography. I started primarily as a landscape and travel photographer seeking to explore new places, meet new people, gain perspective and document experiences. My style leans more toward raw and candid. I aim to capture moments as they are and document the natural beauty of a place.

I love the outdoors and I’ve been carrying my camera with me EVERYWHERE I’ve been over the past 7+ years; from the remote jungles of Thailand, to the world’s highest mountains passes in the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert, beaches of Australia and back to some of the most beautiful vantage points our U.S. National parks and forests have to offer. I’ve spent countless hours in every weather condition, learning how to best utilize the light available in any circumstance. Trekking with my camera equipment through the mountains and finding beautiful frames feels natural to me. I don’t think twice about unzipping my sleeping bag in the middle of the night and braving the cold to best view and capture the milky way. Waking up early and trekking to watch the sunrise at 14,000 feet? No problem.

Photography is most rewarding for me when I put in the work or go the extra distance. This is what adventure photography is all about!

So, what would your adventure session look like?

Here are some ideas for you...


If taking a hike aligns with your idea of adventure, Colorado offers thousands of incredible hiking trails and locations for people of all skill levels. If you want an adventure photography session but want to stay close to Denver/Boulder, I’ve got a list of locations for you! For example, this weekend I’ll be doing a winter adventure session with one of my newly engaged couples at the old mining ruins in Mayflower Gulch.This hike is about 1.5 hours from Denver and is a 1.5-mile snowshoe into this epic location from the trailhead. Wanting to stay even closer to home? I’ve got you covered! Contact me to set up a session and we can review a list of hikes/ locations around Denver to explore.

For couples willing to go the extra distance, Colorado is home to some spectacular national parks and forests that are perfect for adventure sessions:

Rocky Mountain National Park: holds over 150 subalpine and alpine lakes, many of which are accessible by moderate day hikes. Some of my favorites include Dream lake, Lake Haiyaha and Sky Pond.

Trail Ridge Road is known as the highway to the sky. It covers 48 miles between Estes Park on the east side and Grand Lake on the west and offers RMNP visitors insane mountain views, wildlife sightings and stunning wildflower exhibitions during the summer months. Not feeling a hike? Let’s drive the expanse of Trail Ridge Road!

Great Sand Dunes National Park: I absolutely love this national park located in southern Colorado. The park’s 8,200 ft. elevation and remote location make it a favorite stargazing location. If you want, you can climb to the top of the tallest sand dune in North America, Star Dune, which stands 750 ft. tall and is a treasured peak for any serious hiker! Picture 30 square miles of the tallest dunes in North America at sunset- Oh wait, here you go:

San Isabel National Forest: Contains 19 of Colorado’s 53 fourteeners (mountains over 14,000 ft.), including Mt. Huron and Mt. Elbert, which my fiancé and I did together last summer.

Indian Peaks Wilderness: Offers some really stunning alpine lake hikes! My two favorite lake-and-mountain adventures in the Indian Peaks Wilderness include Crater lake and Lake Isabelle.

San Juan National Forest: Boasts the best landscape views that Colorado has to offer- seriously, my favorite. The 5+ hour drive is well worth the scenery you get. I am always in awe when hiking the San Juan Mountains.

Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness Area: Last fourth of July weekend, I backpacked from Aspen to Crested Butte via West Maroon Pass and it was incredible! Crested Butte is my favorite mountain town for so many reasons, so ending our strenuous 10+ mile hike in CB was the perfect end to a beautiful day. Honestly, my perfect Colorado elopement would look a lot like this weekend did!

Some of my favorite locations (that I will not list here) are lesser known and take a bit more effort to get to but I promise are worth the work, especially if you love hiking/backpacking as much as I do. If this is the case and you are envisioning landscape heavy photos for your adventure photography session, get in touch!


While I am based in Colorado, I travel often to surrounding states! One of my favorite adventure photography sessions took place during a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

I met Rebecca and Bill at Devil’s Bridge- a natural sandstone arch located in Sedona. The Devil’s Bridge trail is one of the most popular out and back hiking trails in Sedona, perfect for people of all skill levels. I snapped a few photos of Rebecca and Bill at this location and we exchanged emails so I could deliver the photos later. They seemed like a sweet and adventurous couple; I couldn’t resist wanting to snap a few portraits for them. When I returned to my Airbnb that evening, I realized I left my XQD card reader at home and was unable to import and send the photos from that day. I emailed Rebecca, let her know the situation and proposed a brilliant idea.

Since we were all going to be exploring Sedona for a few more days, I offered an adventure photography session at an even more breathtaking location called Cathedral Rock. Rebecca and Bill had planned to do this hike as well, so it was a perfect fit!

2 days later we met at the Cathedral rock trailhead and began our 1.2-mile climb to the top for sunset. They were visiting Sedona from San Diego, California, a place where I lived for about 6 months back in 2017. We had plenty to chat about, especially since Rebecca was a photographer herself before pursuing her dreams of costume design.

The climb to the top was pretty steep, so we took it slow and enjoyed the scenery, stopping a few times along the way for some fun photos.

I expected this adventure photography session to be beautiful but the sunset that evening blew us all away! It was honestly one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve seen for such a short hike and it wound up being my favorite location in Sedona.


We can make this the main activity OR we can include this in your bigger session! We’ll have to plan around the weather and moon phase for optimal viewing

Want more ideas so we can start planning?

If you want to know more about my adventure photography sessions fill out my contact form!

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