Obtaining Your Marriage License to Elope in Colorado 2021

Eloping in Colorado? Wondering how to elope in Colorado legally? Here are all of the steps and information you’ll need to get the process started for your 2021 Colorado Elopement!

1. If you are from out of state and planning to Elope in Colorado, you should get your marriage license in Colorado. All U.S. states recognize each other’s marriage licenses, however, most do not allow you to use their license in a different state.

2. You do not need an officiant or witness in Colorado. Self- solemnizing is a thing in Colorado- you are allowed to legally marry yourselves! The only things required are you, your partner and your marriage license.

Fun fact: Technically, no one needs to sign the license as a witness to the marriage. If you wanted, you could ink up your pet's paw & press it in the witness signature section!

3. Acquiring a marriage license: The only thing you are responsible for is acquiring, completing and returning your Colorado marriage license to the appropriate county office.

4. There is no waiting period for getting married in Colorado. If you wanted, you could apply for your license, self-solemnize, and turn it back in the same day (ALL COLORADO MARRIAGE LICENSES IN 2021 MUST BE OBTAINED REMOTELY-KEEP READING!)

5. VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: This is how you will go about obtaining your marriage license in Colorado in 2021

  • Effective Jan 1st 2021, the Recording and Marriages division will conduct online video appointments to process marriage license applications to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the public and our staff from risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Both parties must be present, together in the same room, and in Colorado for the video appointment. IDs will be verified during the meeting. The parties must plan to marry in the state of Colorado.

Be sure to select the “CCD Clerk and Recorder” from the Location drop down menu to ensure your appointment is with the correct office

  • After you have applied for your marriage license and booked an appointment, watch for the email confirming your appointment meeting! Your confirmation email includes the meeting link you'll need to use when it is time for your appointment.

  • Once the application process and online appointment is completed, your application and marriage license will be mailed to you at the Colorado address provided on your marriage application

The documents will be only be mailed to an address within the state of Colorado.

· The certificate must be signed in Colorado within 35 days from the date the license was issued

· The completed marriage certificate (and license) must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder Office for recording within 63 days after self solemnization. After that date, late fees are applied.

SO, make sure you complete these steps in a timely manner! In 2021, the application process is completed ONLINE only- so there is no same day for obtaining your application this year. I called the Denver Clerk and Recorder office myself to verify this information!

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